My Biggest Thought of June, 2021


Welcome back to our Deep Thought Series. We all have deep thoughts, I believe, even when we think stuff like “Oh, someone must’ve thought of this before” or “I can’t possibly be the first one.” In this way, we’re all philosophers. And this is my biggest thought of June, reminding myself of the fact that, yes, each and every human on this earth is a philosopher. When we wonder at the stars, the vastness of the ocean or remember the past, we’re philosophizing. I think thus thought is big because I know many people who consider themselves small. They look out into space and instead of thinking “I am a creator, an influencer in this universe” they think “The universe is so big, what could in possibly matter to it all.” Instead of being proud of being human, they’re cynical and think human life is a speck in the dust.

If I could get one point across to the word this month it would be a reminder of this. For every child whop thinks they don’t matter. For every old person who thinks their life was wasted. It’s impossible to gauge just how much of an impact we have on the universe, but it’s safe to say it’s more than we think. In a matter of saying, this is another reason why all lives matter.

Thanks for tuning in to June’s big thought.