This Covid satire book is complete insanity, in a good way.

satire novel about covid 19

This post is the first of many in the my new series “Deep Book Reviews” – I’ll only be reviewing books that are “deep” in the sense that they make you think.

For me, nothing has summed up the year 2020, with everything from the coronavirus and BLM to political discord and transgender issues, in one place better than a book I found by accident called “Virgin Killer“. It’s being promoted as “the world’s first COVID-19 pandemic satire novel” and for good cause in my opinion because this book reveals the insanity of public affairs that still penetrate our lives today.

I bet the last thing many of you want to do is be reminded of how messed up the year 2020 was, but Virgin Killer goes about it in a humorous and refreshing way and offends both sides of the political spectrum, not just one or the other. It reminds me heavily of Animal Farm except it’s way more “2020” if that makes any sense. It’s way less tame and meant for an audience who is already desensitized to sex and violence.

If you want to laugh at the pandemic, because I think this whole thing has dragged on for way too long, reading this pure insanity of a book is a great way to do it.

It made me think about where I stand politically and who I can place my trust in when things turn astray. It’s really powerful and I bet in a second read through I’ll be able to pick up on even more symbolism because the book is full of it. Enjoy!