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Achieving Balance in Life

balance achieving

One thing many people find hard to achieve in life, even though many others make it look easy and call it the secret of happiness, is finding a balance. A balance between what you love and what you have to do to get by and stay healthy. Even if we had all the time in the world to only do the think we love most, like kayaking on the lake, at a certain point it won’t be fun anymore because we need balance.

It’s one of the hardest things to achieve but can be the most rewarding. I have many friends who have found a balance. Some made it look as simple as boiling water while others had to go through many bouts of depression and personal struggle before they were able to knock away the imbalances plaguing their emotions. Now the latter is happy and vibrant while I still toil and dream of what a life of balance would mean for me.

The year 2022 has a been a sluggish process of trying to achieve balance for me. There are certain habits holding me back and all I need to do is moderate them and replace some of the precious time spent elsewhere. I feel like I’m making process while I also feel like this is something I should’ve figured out sooner in life. One thing I have found balance in his a sense of shame, I guess, for I’m proud the next moment and shameful first. One day I’m hard on myself for not trying hard enough and the next day I’m celebrating and thinking I’m doing such a good job.

Balance – it’s a funny thing!

My best wishes go out to everyone else who also struggles to find that happy medium. If I can do it or at least try, then you can to, and when you close your eyes after reading this you can imagine what a life with balance can look like for you. Keep trying!