My Biggest Thought of May, 2021

My first big thought to break things out on the right path has a lot to do with my bad shopping habits. I recently have been reading an old dusty phycology textbook a kid left in the trash by my house and I feel like it was divine intervention because this thing is changing my life! While reading it I realized the power that advertisements has been having over me for many years. Did you know that if a grocery store plays French music that you’ll be more likely to buy French foods? It’s true! Advertisers are ware of effects like this and use them very effectively. Social engineers are paid big dollars to share their secrets to corporations, to find new ways to increase sales.

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Sometimes stuff like this is done by accident. One example in the book is that when the first Mars Rover mission was a success, Mars candy bars noticed a huge increase in sales. Strange, isn’t it? Another example is that in April more babies named April are born. Do you think this is a coincidence. These things are called “triggers” and they’re all around us. The smell of popcorn can be a trigger to watch your favorite movie again. Or the sound of a motorcycle outside can be a trigger to play your favorite racing video game.

Once we’re aware of the effect of these triggers we can prevent them from controlling us.

Well, that was my deep thought. Check back for more soon!