For the Good of Others

You might have experienced this already. If not, let me describe it for you. Have you ever tried so hard to make a project successful but no matter what you did it just failed miserably? You might have not figured this out for yourself yet but I know exactly why your project failed and why so many of my own did. It’s because they weren’t designed to be of good to others. Believe it or not, but companies like McDonalds are successful because they have teams of people trying to figure out how they can be of more service to their customers.

One of my latest personal projects wasn’t successful at all and I had to re-educate myself to realize why I wasn’t getting the success I thought I deserved. Well, I didn’t deserve success at all because my project had been, arguably not solely intentionally but so nonetheless, to use others to serve myself instead of using myself to serve others.

This has been my biggest thought for August of 2021, so far, that many failures in life can be directly attributed to our own personal failure to be a source of good for others. So I just want to remind you that if your project isn’t going as planned, to ask yourself if you have the right intentions. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Is it to help others or to help yourself? The answer to that question will have a humungous impact on the results of your project.